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Here you can find an overview of the Garbles universe.
What are Garbles?
Garbles are cute and funny creatures that originate from garbage. Different garbage types give birth to different garbles species through a process known as "Transmutation". Check out how transmutation works on this page.
Is Garbles available for mobile?
Yes, Garbles is a mobile-first game that will be available on Saga, Android and iOS. Join our Discord if you want to become an early tester and try the private beta!
Do I have to be familiar with cryptocurrencies to play it?
Garbles is a crypto game built for everyone, crypto and non-crypto users. Even if you don't know anything about blockchains, you can still play and have fun! If you don't have a crypto wallet, just signup with one of your social accounts and we'll create one for you in the game itself. You will still own and maintain the custody of all your assets (thanks to Web3auth). Easy as that!
Do I have to pay to play Garbles?
You can start playing Garbles for free! To make the most out of the game though, a small amount of SOL may be beneficial to get a transmuter before anybody else or mint the NFT that you find around. You can either transfer SOL to your game wallet or use the upcoming credit card integrations if you don't own any crypto outside of the game.