Raids are collective actions against pile of trash disseminated around your area.

Raids are missions played with Garbles to clean areas invaded by a colony of trash-based monsters. These filthy creatures have nothing in common with Garbles! Sometimes, these awful piles of garbage can even become large enough to threaten the whole city. Sweepers must intervene timely to root out these trash-producing enemies before they expand. The effectiveness of Garbles against a specific type of trash is based on their attributes. Once a pile of trash is exhausted, it releases a random combination of rewards, including Consumable and $NUCLEAR. Different types of trash piles will spit out related objects (i.e. plastic piles will tend to release plastic-type objects).

Raids can be played in team. Playing with other Sweepers can increase the chance of obtaining rewards, especially for stubborn-grime monsters. Rewards are split pro-rata according to the contribution of each one's Garbles. A global leaderboard keeps track of the score of each Team.

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