Garbles are adorable trash-eating creatures that will save the planet!

Garbles are the main characters of the game. Created by Cleantist to save the planet, these voracious creatures can gobble up a lot of garbage! Players can generate Garbles to compete for rewards, raids or trade them in the marketplace. Different combinations of Eggs and Trash Objects can produce tens of thousands of different Garbles.

Garbles have the following on-chain properties:

  • DNA

  • Body

  • Eyes

  • Arms

  • Mouth

  • Legs

  • Skin

  • Pattern

  • Speed

  • Voracity

Other attributes are:

  • Happiness

  • Health

  • Hunger

Garbles inherit their traits from the material they originate from. DNA is influenced by the DNA of Eggs placed in the Transmuter. Most of the traits are influenced by Trash Items. Voracity and Hunger affect how fast a garble can consume garbage around the map.

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