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Garbles is a geolocation-based mobile game where you can create infinite combinations of trash-based monsters while collecting NFT resources and removing C02 in the process. Sweepers can explore their surroundings to collect Eggs, Trash Items and other useful scrap materials. All these resources can be freely minted as NFTs and are owned by the players. The trash items and the Eggs are needed to give birth to a baby Garble through the Transmutation process. Trasmuters are powerful machines that can turn specific types of garbage into a unique combination of attributes. The link between trash items and Garbles is unclear, and it's up to you to find out!
When they are energized with enough $NUCLEAR, Transmuters remove actual CO2 from the environment but can also give birth to trash-producing monsters. These must be rapidly eradicated before they pollute even further. After you have assembled a litter of Garbles, take part in raids against nasty piles of trash that occasionally spawn in the middle of your city and play daily mini-games to collect Resources and get other exciting rewards.
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