Exploration mode is all about cleaning the planet while discovering NFT items.

The goal of Exploration is to collect as many trash resources as you can find around the map and use them to Transmute. When you are close to an item, you can trigger Capture to mint it. All items are free but you will need to ensure your Wallet is properly funded to perform the transaction. Here's the list of resources available in Garbles by category. Consumable - Eggs - Trash Items - Berries Equipment - Transmuter - Vacuum Cleaner - Badges Learn more about each Resource on the relative page.

The first player to clear a zone can claim control over that area through a Transmuter. Transmuters can only be activated by their owners and are used to transmute garbage into Garbles. Check out how Transmuters and the Transmutation process work.

With enough Garbles, players can participate in Raids, time-based missions to fight trash and obtain rewards. Raids opportunities are monitored on the map. Learn more about Raids dynamics in the relative section.

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