Learn how the transmutation process works

Transmuters are powerful machines used to generate Garbles. They are impressive pieces of technology engineered by Cleantists to merge garbage with Eggs and ultimately recycle waste into Garbles. Transmutation is the process of turning garbage into Garbles. You will need at least these resources:

  • 1 Egg

  • 3 Trash Items

  • Transmuter


Throw an Egg and three Trash Items in the Transmuter and give it energy to activate it. Cleantist came out with a genetic encoding that links Trash Items' attributes to the physical appearance of babies and matured Garbles. This code is unknown, and you will have to experiment to understand what properties are more likely to generate any specific trait.

Transmuters are the only way to carry out the transmutation process in the various life stages of Garbles. They can be minted and activated by their owner, or "rented". Remember, due to their inherent production complexity, Transmuters are limited! After clearing an area on the map, you can mint and activate a Transmuter to exert control over that zone. As the owner of the Transmuter, you are entitled to use it perpetually and receive a fee from other Sweepers who need to transmute their garbage with your machine.

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